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Welcome to SoftwareMaze, we’re Mike and Liz, we’re a dynamic duo who loves to help companies with their e-commerce websites and platforms. Over the years we’ve worked with clients from all over the world and acquired knowledge that has really benefitted many successful companies today.

But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to share and spread the wealth of knowledge we had with all of you at home reading this. We cover the subtopics of installation platforms and IT asset management. Are there SEO mistakes you’re not avoiding? Are you having a difficult time finding cost-free online video converters? Or maybe you want to understand how to generate money from computer games? We’re here to help!

This blog began several years ago, when our dear friend Adam suggested we start to document all the advice we’ve given to friends and clients over the years and low and behold we found that we had a following and there was a meaning to our life’s work. We want to be your #1 source for finding and learning everything you’ve ever wanted to know about premium web software!

Don’t be that company that manages their software apps using a lot of papers. In today’s world there are methods which can help secure your business making us of asset management—but don’t worry we get further into that in one of our posts.

We’re constantly updating our blog with relevant information, and tools that we recommend. We’re happy to hear feedback and learn what we can do to help you.

And we can’t end this without dedicating our blog to our dear friend Adam, thanks to you this blog was possible.

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