The 4 Best Photo Processing Software

What kind of professional photographer are you? Do you take shots and immediately share them from your phone, share after some tweaking, edit and select special pictures to use in photo books or projects, or are you a professional or serious photographer who likes to carefully edit only your very pleasant pictures? Here are the 5[…]

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How Advertising and marketing in Gaming Can Influence the Cell Sector making its Advertising and marketing efficient

In the last eight years, most of my time has been spent in trying to make mobile advertising effective. Over the years the industry has indeed jumped at a many paradigms, and finding a solution where advertising on mobile can replicate the efficiency that advertising on the web has, has been difficult. Over the past[…]

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About generating money from computer games – why individuals have preferred to stay away from memberships

Five years back was probably the best period to make money from subscriptions from games. That is not the case now. What is the problem with subscriptions? Subscriptions for business of packaged goods such as video games are considered good when you work in it. Consider a consumer who would want to spend a[…]

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A Few Mistakes That You Should Avoid When considering Monetization for Cell Apps

Over the last one years we have spent time in helping app developers with their monetization strategies, however, what surprises us that the very basics are sometimes completely ignored by the lot. This articles delves in to the many mistakes that are encountered by iOS and android app developers in a effort to monetize their[…]