About generating money from computer games – why individuals have preferred to stay away from memberships

Five years back was probably the best period to make money from subscriptions from games. That is not the case now.


What is the problem with subscriptions?

Subscriptions for business of packaged goods such as video games are considered good when you work in it. Consider a consumer who would want to spend a particular amount on games and change into customer who will prefer to spend small amount each month for many years, he may view it as a source of steady income. This lessens dependency on new releases, easy to predict income and profits, and enables the company to work on the monthly cash flow. But in spite of such advantages there are many disadvantages also. You will find some important points here.

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Humans are known for their short memory. Many of us have seven items. How are the subscriptions affected by this?If you work on the subscriptions that you will be paying, and if it is going to be more than seven, you will start thinking that you are spending too much. Very shortly you would have filled the loss of memory. Hence as a marketer into subscription of games, in order to make a person signup for the game, you may have to convince him to close some other service. People have a wide choice of games for which they want to subscribe immediately. If your game is going to be among them, it is good but often many companies have come across situations where getting subscription for games by making them cancel their earlier ones is not very easy.

Getting a subscription is quite difficult. If you are a consumer, you have to decide if you will get enough money from this game on a long term basis. You may feel that the effort is not worth since you will be away for a long time or you have other personal commitments. Whatever be the excuses, as a marketer you will find that subscription makes it easy for a consumer to deny that. Since the request is quite big, you should be prepared for a difficult change also. Periodic trials will not solve this issue since you, as a consumer, have to devote time and put in more effort by understanding that all your efforts will go waste if you plan against subscribing.

You will observe that the demand graph for the media products has always been a curve of power as some people need products free of cost, while some prefer paying the current price and a few more opt to pay money. Higher amount of money. The subscription amount is not a hindrance for people to associate with your game but it is actually a hindrance to allow people who like your product pay money to get products worth the amount. You need consider my work to get the idea. Businesses on subscription are making huge money because they have become free-to-play. Subscriptions are coming down because they narrow down the income of the users and it does not augur well in a digital era.

Have subscriptions come to an end?

I don’t think if I should point out that the machine game which gets more income should become free at the earliest. But I feel that you will consider subscriptions are the highly sought after in the industry since you are not aware of the changes that internet has cast on the industry. When you help people to play games free of cost permanently and spend some money on the important things in the game, I feel that you will offer your customers a good chance to get both experience and money than you can when you offer subscriptions. I have a feeling that we are witnessing the last and huge subscription model since such new models have proved to be good business, particularly for games which have specific audience.