How Advertising and marketing in Gaming Can Influence the Cell Sector making its Advertising and marketing efficient

In the last eight years, most of my time has been spent in trying to make mobile advertising effective. Over the years the industry has indeed jumped at a many paradigms, and finding a solution where advertising on mobile can replicate the efficiency that advertising on the web has, has been difficult. Over the past few years – installCore. the industry has been eager to find a way in which they can make mobile advertising as effective as web advertising, and in order to do this, they have jumped at whatever they could find. The search got the mobile industry to look for answers helter-skelter. Below are a few things that the mobile gaming industry has been successful in ironing out along the way:

Forget about banner ads
Only companies that work in ad technology like banner ads, and are elated when they see that little rectangle below on the screen. The problem is very simple, people are not going to click. Honestly, the click through rate can be attributed to fat thumbs, rather than interest. Also, what is to be considered is that app developers are apprehensive about having their amazing creations have eye sores. There are indeed ways to monetize an app, and it does not lie with banner ads, and yes, game developers are using it. support platform installation.


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Developers of mobile games have been able to seamlessly add advertising into their interface, and they have done this through basic ad mechanics like productplacement, discovery walls and the addition of characters with interstitials. These methods are highly innovative and it does not only lead users to click but also act on what they see. installCore.

People tend to download apps that are promoted and change with the ads that are native at a much much higher rate as compared to the engagement that takes place with nonnative ads.

Freemium is what make all the difference


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Who wants to shell out money for apps any more. This is what the gaming industry noticed and they learnt that the only way they could make money was through getting involved with freemium. Gaming platforms are offering free games, and then inducing gamers in to in-app purchases and offering them virtual money that they can continue to use. Rewarded ad units are integrated that require user interface, where he has a chance to earn the currency, instead of buying it. This leads us to asking a question, are customers who do interact with ads more precious than those who do not?It’s simple, the technique of rewarding the consumer for checking out the product is tried and tested, and works both on the online as well as the offline medium.

Direct-response Advertisers are Key to Pull in Brands
Thousands of hours are spend by an average American playing games, before he becomes an adult. This basically means that we are about to see the first surge of experts who are teenagers. Big brands are slowly noticing entertainment apps and mobile games as powerful engagement tools. This young audience wants to be reached, as big brands want to catch them when they are on the verge of deciding which razor they should buy or which credit card they should use. In fact big brands have started making games especially to reach out to their audience.


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While big brands are present everywhere through mobile gaming, app developers are continuing to engage in cross promotion. There is a right balance of science and art that is required by advertising. Predictive analytics have come a long way so that we can use it more effectively at the back end. Craftsmanship at the front end needs to be raised so as to design the best native ad interfaces which seamlessly become a cohesive part of the app. This innovation is being driven by the mobile game industry in a large manner. To summarize, we are an industry, who if tries hard can do a lot better than just banners. There is no way out, we have to think over and above banners. native ads not only offer great value from the advertisers perspective but can make the mobile a very successful channel for business for developers.