You would be happy to hear that Cellular advertisements can effortlessly be enjoyable

Create mobile ads that are lovable

Advertising has always been a yes and no for the Americans. There are people who do not relish the huge increase of ads which have taken good position in our televisions, tray tables of airplanes, and phones. There are also many people who tune in shows like Mad Men and Super Bowl exclusively to watch these ads. You can imply two things from this. The first one is that people do not deplore ads when done properly and in order to bring about changes, ads are very much essential.

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Native advertising is one such modification and this has turned out to be good replacement of ads displayed traditionally on the web. But how is this applied to mobile apps?What could be the lessons for the publishers and advertisers from this transformation?Native advertising is found to be in the initial stages. Even though one can see the native advertising fully appealing on web, it is not yet clear for web developers as to what the native ad for mobile actually could be. You will find some good tips for successful campaigns for native advertising in mobile games.

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You can make it entertaining.
You play games for fun and the ads should not spoil the experience. Most of the people who view Super Bowl look for the commercials and not much for the game. You should find the ads in the game to be very exciting. Even though the player will not want to get the app installed, the entertainment part of the ad can make the whole experience memorable and engaging.

Inclusion of characters belonging to the game
If you don’t incorporate characters in your ad, your game will not be appreciated. It could sound well on paper but it may lead to unwanted experiences. The advertiser alone cannot design the ads but it has to be a combined effort. If the developer as a larger role to play in the ad and less by the advertiser, the outcome is natural. This plan will make the developer highly creative. The relevance and the confidence of the user are achieved when such in-game characters are brought into the ads.

No boundaries
The main advantage of a native ad is that it does not give the feeling of it being one. For a player it will not feel like a traditional one because it comes during a natural break of the game. It is vital that the course of the game is not affected which will only distract the players and reduce the retention.

High Definition needed
Connection between the media quality and the devices used for playing it is important. When the games are played using HD, it is important that the ads are also played in HD. Else it is quite obvious that the ads should not be there. When the flow of game to ad is natural, the user will click more on it. You also should take care of colors, themes and shapes used for backgrounds. These should be kept equally with the ones seen in the game.

Do not allow formats which look like spams
You must know it clearly that when an ad is put in a notification bar, it does not become native. It will become spam. Notifications are meant to benefit the user and not the developers. When you plan to make use of push notification ads to make quick money, you should remember that a user can delete the app easily than going into the settings and alter the notification frequency.