Your Chance to Learn Piano Online from the Comforts of Your Home

A few years back, it was totally beyond our imagination that it would be possible to learn to play piano online from the comforts of our home. However, with the advancement of technology, students can now learn to play piano online, from the best music teacher from any location in the USA. Are you a bit worried and wondering if such online classes will be good enough? 

Yes, these are effective!  

I feel online piano lessons are just perfect for students who are not located in big cities but looking forward to learning from the best teachers. As a piano teacher in NYC, I have students from Canada, Texas, and California.

It is true that online piano lessons might not be suitable for all but remember there are many advantages of learning piano online. You have your own comfort space, you have your own schedule, you do not have to commute, and you have options for teachers as well. You can study with some of the best professionals in the USA. 

Learn Piano Online – How Do You Get Started?

For your piano lessons, there are a few things you will need. First and foremost, ensure you have a stable internet connection, a computer with a camera and speakers which are loud enough. As you prepare, you will be placing the camera in such a position so that your music teacher can see as you play the piano. Your teacher needs to check that your posture is right, and you use the correct fingering. Place the speakers in a position so that your teacher gets to hear clear as you play the piano.

Check your email on a regular basis. You will receive recordings and music through email. Also, in case there is any schedule change, you will receive a mail about it too. If you have a printer, it will be great for sheet music.

Preparation Before your Online Lesson

Do not forget to get the contact info of your teacher and share your contact details as well. This way, you can save time searching one another on Skype. It is best if you do a trial a day before your first lesson. I recommend checking your sound system and video camera to see if everything is working fine, a day before your online class.  Thus, if there is any problem, you can fix it beforehand.

Before your Lesson:

  • Sign into the online platform – Skype or whatever you are using, at least 10 minutes in advance.
  • Check if the program is working fine and it does not need an update or restart.
  • Students attending the first lesson can have a piece prepared in advance. Thus, I will have a feel of the playing.
  • Your teacher might ask for something else. Thus chatting beforehand is always helpful.

Online Piano Lessons – What Happens in a Class?

For me, any student in an online class and the one present physically – are the same. When you are attending an online class, the basics will be the same as in a physical class. The teacher method and schedule will be different as it is online.

  • Beginner Students:

Beginner students learn the basic music theory and basic techniques of playing the piano. It is all about scales, rhythms, key signatures, how to read music, note names, and more.  Usually, this begins with easy songs and exercises. The basic idea is to incorporate theory and technique. Thus, students can slowly tackle various pieces without being overwhelmed.

  • Intermediate or Advanced Students:

For advanced players, there is a lot of emphasis on music theory. They learn the art of perfecting pieces so that they are completely prepared for performances. My students learn various styles like Broadway, Jazz, and Classical.

What Happens if there are Technical Problems During an Online Class?

Now, this is something that is a part of online learning. 

So, if you find your Skype is acting weird or there are other delays, just be patient. In such a situation, close all programs and restart your computer. It might fix the issue. In case Skype does not work properly, do not worry because we have other platforms like Google Hangouts. So, simply speak to your teacher and get things going.


Get started with your piano lessons now – it is never too late to get started.