have you been searching for a cost-free online video converter to transform movie files

If you have been looking for a free video converter to convert video files like AVI to mp4 or MKV to AVI, to get the format that you need for the device or player that you have been using on your MAC, then you indeed have a number of software options to choose from. Find below a list of the best free MAC video converters that you can choose from, depending on your needs. greetingmoods.com/installcore.

Free Edition of the MacX Video Converter -The Free Edition of the MacX Video Converter may not be as popular as HandBrake or Video Converter for Mac, but it has a host of features that can be useful for converting videos on MAC as it has a very intuitive interface.
HD Videos, AVI formats and a whole range of video formats can be converted using this full feature Mac video converter. Videos ca n be converted through this software into MOV or mp4 and can be used to play on QuickTime Player or other formats as well depending on their needs.
Videos for iPhone, iPad, iPod and mobile devices can also be converted with the Mac Video Converter Free edition. Therefore, you can easily enjoy videos on QuickTime, iTunes, Mac, portable devices and you could also share them on video sharing sites as well. The options can be found conveniently on the interface for easy operation. 3GP and mp3 formats can easily be extracted for use on portable devices such as media players and mobile phones.
Hyper threading technology, multi-core CPU and the batch files processing model ensures that you get fast processing and superior output. With the help of a host of video adjustment parameters you can customize your videos by clipping video segments, shrinking the video size and removing subtitles etc.

video converter news. Handbrake – This software is a free software that can be used to rip and convert videos on your Mac. This versatile video converter is free for Mac and can practically convert any video format into what you need so that you can manage your video library better and also view videos on mobile media players like Apple TV, iPod, iPad, PSP etc. However, one important thing to learn about this software is that it is a little weak in terms of stability, which means that the process of conversion could sometimes be broken midway during video conversion. New users can be a little daunted because the setting are a little confusing. Therefore, for those who need a more stable and easy video conversion program, the MacX video converter free edition wins hands down when compared to Handbrake.
Video Converter for Mac – The video converter for Mac comes with a very simple user interface, making conversion of videos on the Mac very easy, however there are claims that this software does not support WMV files as input or output. It is also said that the video format options for both input and output are fairly limited. Therefore, if you are looking for a software that can convert videos into as many formats as possible, the ideal option would be the MacX Video Converter Free Edition.